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Welcome Letter from Bonnie Willow

Dear ones,

Welcome to the program!  I am so glad to have you participating with me in this.  Together we will reshape our goals and focuses and the ways that we walk through our days, so that it is more harmonious.  More in line with what we want to be living. More true to our soul.

When I was beginning to create the materials for the first month of this program,  I was just about to start writing and recording the main pieces… when the flu hit.  Possibly this is the worst flu I’ve ever had.  A main component of this flu was laryngitis, so I was unable to speak much.

As the beginning date for this program loomed ever closer, I realized I wouldn’t be able to prepare all the materials.  What’s more, I didn’t have a voice with which to record the guided meditation and the welcome greeting. 

 As always, though, I knew there was a message and a purpose in this timing.  Today, as I sat on my porch in a warm spot of sunlight, I realized what that message is.  It’s an important one for us all.

Creating our world is only partially in our hands.

This is something we obviously all know to be true.  So lets look at it in the context of this program.  We are setting out to create our life and future as we want it to be, which will hopefully show some improvements over whatever we are living right now.  We want to see improvements in ourselves, in our immediate surroundings, and in the world at large.

So we make our plans, do our meditations and exercises, and put ourselves into that stream of life where we choose to be.  Excellent!  But there are two other “lifestreams” that we need to be aware of.  I believe this has happened to encourage me to tell you this story.

Forty years ago, when I was a 20-something spiritual seeker, I first became aware of my spirit guides.  I would feel them, sometimes see glimmers of them, frequently would hear them.  Their guidance was kind, true, wise, and simple. I came to trust them. One day I asked them to explain whether Free Will or Divine Will or chaos were true… how did events come to happen.

They showed me a triangle. These three factors played into creating the moment.

At one corner was Free Will. Whatever choices I make or don’t make, are my free will.  My plans that I act on, become my free will actions.

At another corner was Divine Will.  Certain things are destined to be, that will happen no matter what. Your destiny might include having a birth defect or injury that defines how you go through life. Or marrying a certain person, in some cases. Or studying a certain spiritual path.  

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